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O2 flexible tariffs: five things you need to know

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Mobile tariffs have made headlines in recent weeks, after a Citizens Advice report singled out Three, Vodafone and EE for continuing to charge consumers for phones after they were paid off.

As if by magic, though, O2 has this week launched a range of new, flexible tariffs that are designed to sit alongside its O2 Refresh programme and promise to put an end to overspending on your phone contract.

You may or may not know that Refresh contracts already split the cost of a phone and the accompanying tariff, allowing customers to upgrade to a new phone whenever they like while paying no extra for the calls, texts and data they use.

Not up to speed with O2 Refresh? Here's everything you need to know.

These flexible tariffs though, represent a chance to save even more money. Here's the five key things you need to know.

1 Change your data, not your contract

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The aim of O2’s flexible tariffs is to allow customers to change from month to month without being penalised.

That means you’ll keep the same contract, but be able to change how much data you have to use.

Let's suppose you have a 50GB data package costing you £41. If you find you don’t need that much internet access, you can drop to paying just £19 a month, saving yourself £22.

You can then change back if you find yourself needing more.

Compare O2 contracts at our dedicated comparison page.

2 Once a month only

Inevitably, there are restrictions on how often you can tweak your contract. O2 says you’ll be able to change your data allowance once every billing month.

That’s no hardship, but is worth bearing in mind if you can’t make up your mind on how much data you think you’ll need each month.

3 O2 Refresh customers on board

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These new flexible deals are available to new and existing O2 Refresh customers.

It means anyone who signs up still gets all the benefits of O2 Refresh, with access to a new handset before the end of their contract and bills coming down once their phone has been paid off.

Now though, there’s the chance to save more by changing your data allowance and usage month by month.

4 Free screen replacement

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O2 hasn’t said what phones will be available on the tariff, but it’s likely that the newest iPhones and Samsung Galaxy S devices will be included.

Perhaps most enticing of all is the fact that free screen replacement is being offered on select plans, cutting down on nasty fees if you do happen to smash your display.

5 Available from 27th October (2017)

O2 says it will fully detail the tariffs when they launch on Friday 27th October.

Handily, that’s the same day the pre–orders for Apple’s long–awaited iPhone X go live, meaning you’ll be able to snag the very best new smartphone around on a contract that won’t leave your bank balance in tatters.

Not sure if the iPhone X is right for you? Here's your snappy, one-stop guide to its key features.

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