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Tesco Mobile international roaming FAQ

Want to know all about roaming with Tesco Mobile? Find out all about it.
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Tesco mobile roaming charges guide

Tesco Mobile recently announced that it will be extending its inclusive EU roaming to all pay-monthly and pay-as-you-go customers through until 2025. It currently offers free roaming in a number of European locations, including all EU countries, with a scheme called Home From Home.

Under its terms, customers can make calls, send texts and use the internet on their phone at no extra cost when travelling abroad.

Already a Tesco customer? Or tempted to switch to take advantage of this new offer? Read on and we’ll answer all the key questions about Tesco's roaming charges and what they mean for you.

Which destinations offer free international roaming with Tesco Mobile?

The offer is simple. With Home from Home, Tesco Mobile allows its customers to use their calls, texts and data when travelling abroad.

As long as you make calls and send texts to UK numbers and don’t go over your data allowance, you won’t be charged a penny extra, even though you’re outside the country.

Here's the full list of Tesco Mobile Home From Home countries:

Tesco Mobile international roaming charges for pay-as-you-go customers

Tesco Mobile pay-as-you-go customers will also benefit from the free roaming extension, which means PAYG customers can use their call, text and data allowances as if they were at home.

How will I know if I'm in a Home From Home destination?

When travelling to a Home From Home destination, you’ll receive a welcome text from Tesco Mobile when you arrive. This will include a link to the main Tesco Mobile Home From Home page as well as contact details and information you might need while away.

How much will it cost me to make calls to numbers in the country where I’m staying?

As long as you’re calling EU numbers, calls cost 4p per minute and texts 1p per minute. Local rates outside the EU may vary, although these should be spelled out to you via a text message when you arrive at your destination.

How does it compare with rival networks’ offers?

Tesco Mobiles Home From Home competes very well with other market-leading providers. For example, while Three’s Go Roam scheme allows you to use your data and calls in 71 worldwide destinations, there is an additional charge to access this – £2 a day in Europe and £5 a day worldwide.

Uswitch’s guide to the best network for roaming explains how each deal breaks down.


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