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Motorola VE66 to hit UK imminently

Motorola has announced the imminent launch of its brand new Moto VE66 handset, which employs cutting-edge technology to improve call clarity and advanced imaging capabilities.

The VE66 mobile phone is equipped with Motorola’s CrystalTalk system, which cuts background noise to a minimum while amplifying the user’s conversation.

Other features housed within the phone include a music player, FM radio and five megapixel camera which is capable of capturing “crisp and clear images" as well as digital editing software for adding studio magic to photographs.

Owners of the slider handset are also able to download widgets – a first for a Motorola mobile phone - thus enabling them to customise their mobile phone with news and updates for social networking websites.

Operation of the VE66 mobile phone is via a Fastscroll navigation wheel which is similar to the wheel employed on iPods.

Tracey Koziol, corporate vice president of the mobile devices division of Motorola, said: “The Moto VE66 delivers on consumers’ demand for more personalized listening and imaging experiences on a mobile phone.

“With a diverse multi-media experience, the VE66 truly enables you to make a statement and express yourself on your terms.”

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