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  5. Motorola dashes hopes of release for Nest handset

Motorola dashes hopes of release for Nest handset

Let’s just admire it for a moment shall we?


What a beauty!

The phone, which is the brainchild of US design student Kelly Bremner, first appeared online last year to a predictably rabid response. Sites all over the interweb enthused about its game-changing appearance and the proposed innovative social networking features it would incorporate.

However, contrary to reports last week it seems that Motorola is to ignore the underlying consumer demand and will not be bringing the concept to the mass market. More fool they.

We’re not sure of the motivation behind the decision. And we suppose that it's perfectly possible that the design simply isn’t practical. But it seems a strange decision to say the least. Especially so, given that its striking appearance could just what Motorola needs to buck up its flagging sales.

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