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  5. Top10 Exclusive! UK’s first O2 Palm Pre unboxing in pictures

Top10 Exclusive! UK’s first O2 Palm Pre unboxing in pictures

Top10 Exclusive! UK’s first O2 Palm Pre unboxing in pictures

If you believe the cant talked by Macolytes, iPhones are the only handsets that push the design envelope. One look at the Pre ought to be enough to convince you that their bellicose talk is just that: talk.

The first thing that strikes you is the sheer attention to detail that’s even been put into the packaging. With its crisp white box, clear graphics and protective plastic skin,the effect is more akin to a buying a luxury scent from Selfridges’ perfume department than investing in a cutting-edge mobile.


Palm Pre Box

Palm Pre Box With Sleeve

Here's the Pre out of the box and enjoying its first few moments of freedom. We found it satisfyingly weighty to hold. And we were just as impressed with the build quality, which is easily of the standard that you'd expect from, say HTC.

At 3.1-inches, the screen isn't as large as the iPhone. But it's crisp and impressively clear.

Palm Pre Screen On

Let’s have a looksee at the slide-out QWERTY keyboard. Unlike some phones we could mention, it's small enough not to add undue weight to the handset, but perfect for composing long messages.

Pre Keyboard View

And, like Cheryl Cole, the Pre is as lovely on the inside as it is on the outside:

Palm Pre Back Removed

And here’s what you get in the way of accessories. The rounded object at the top of the screen..that’s the charger. Cute as a button, no?

Palm Pre in the box

And you get a branded suede case to keep it in:

Palm Pre Handset

Sold? Of course you are. So, how would you feel about it if we told you that you could win a Pre for free with Top10? Pretty excited, we'd say. See our Palm Pre competition page for more details.

Meanwhile, if you want to know more about the Pre, check out our Palm Pre video unboxing where we’ll walk you through every facet of Palm’s iPhone challenger. And if that doesn’t sate your lust for Palm Pre information, why not take a gander at our Palm Pre vs iPhone 3G S speed face-off?

Buy the Palm Pre here from October 16th: Palm Pre

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