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  5. Details on two Android phones from Motorola leaked

Details on two Android phones from Motorola leaked

Details on two Android phones from Motorola leaked

As part of a continuing stream of information coming out of Motorola regarding its upcoming Android mobiles, which will be ready to hit the market next year, new technical specifications of two Android-based smartphones have been leaked from within the US firm.

Motorola has boasted that it could be releasing 20 Android mobiles next year, which is looking increasingly feasible as additional phones are debuted. The latest details to be leaked talk of the Opus One and the Backflip, although these are likely to be code names or devices branded for the US market which could be packaged differently by the time they hit the UK.

The Opus One, which sounds oddly familiar in name only to Google's Nexus One, will have a 3.1 inch touch sensitive display with multi-touch support, a three megapixel camera, motion sensitive controls, Wi-Fi and Android 1.5 on board. It will be pre-loaded with some Motorola exclusive apps, including a navigation program and a barcode scanner.

The Backflip is likely to be one of the oddest Android smartphones on the market if the leaked photographs represent what will become the finished product. It sports a touch sensitive screen, but is hinged down the side and flips up so that users can type with the full QWERTY keypad, which is mounted on the rear of the device. This novel idea may take some getting used to, but it is nice to see that Motorola is thinking outside of the box.

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