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  5. O2 tests 100Mbps mobile network in the UK

O2 tests 100Mbps mobile network in the UK

O2 tests 100Mbps mobile network in the UK

Whether it is referred to as 4G or LTE, the next generation of mobile networking technology is stirring up interest and speculation and after O2 trialled its own LTE technology in Slough, bringing high speed mobile internet closer than ever.

LTE technology used by O2 is likely to allow for download speeds of up to 100Mbps, which is more than double the current UK maximum available via fibre optic fixed line connections for home broadband users.

Motorola tested similar technology on a smaller scale in Swindon recently, but O2's tests demonstrated that the technology was viable for use over a much wider area.

The UK is just one of the many nations in which O2's parent company Telefonica is hoping to create LTE networks over the next few years. Spain, Argentina and Brazil are also considered to be key markets for future developments.

O2 joined forces with Chinese manufacturer Huawei to perform the tests and the residents of Slough were said to be impressed by the faster download speeds and improved voice call quality and consistency offered by the technology.

Huawei's European Vice President Tim Watkins said that the demands for data services were severely affecting the performance and reliability of some network providers in the West.

Mr Watkins added that LTE technology could deal with 20 times the data volumes of current networks, easing the traffic problems and creating the correct environment in which bandwidth-intensive applications can thrive.

The next 12 months will see the continued development of LTE technology and mobile phone manufacturers will need to provide consumers with compatible devices in order to ensure they are ready for it when it finally arrives.

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