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  5. US magazine rates Motorola Droid over iPhone 3Gs

US magazine rates Motorola Droid over iPhone 3Gs

US magazine rates Motorola Droid over iPhone 3Gs

The Motorola Droid has beaten off all comers to claim the title of best gadget of the year according to Time magazine, displacing the iPhone from its previous spot at the top of the list.

Time praised the Droid, saying that it was the best example of an Android handset that made the most of the software, challenging the supremacy of the iPhone for the first time since its release.

Time highlighted the quality of the Droid's touch screen and also said that the full QWERTY keypad was partly responsible for its success.

The size and weight of the Droid was also mentioned, although Time suggested that the good looks of the iPhone were no longer important enough to justify it overtaking the Droid.

The iPhone was ranked number four in the list behind an e-reader and a Dyson product. Time explained that the slip was due to the lack of real innovation exhibited by the iPhone 3G S.

The magazine said that despite the speed increase and camera improvements, it was essentially a souped-up version of the original rather than an entirely new phone.

Despite the critical acclaim still being heaped upon the Droid, its sales figures are still dwarfed by those of the iPhone 3G S, which managed to sell ten times more units in the first weekend of its release than the Droid.

Motorola has been aiming the Droid at the male market with a recent marketing campaign, identifying the fact that its smartphone is concerned with power and performance, not looks and faddish functionality, which it associates with the iPhone.

Statistics show that this approach may well have worked, as the positive perception of Motorola amongst the 18-35 male demographic has now surpassed that of Apple.

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