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Motorola Devour spotted

Motorola Devour spotted

Pictures of a retail box and support documents on the official Motorola website have emerged of the Motorola Devour Android smartphone.

Motorola's recent financial woes have been somewhat alleviated by the release of other Android smartphones, including the Milestone, and with many planned for launch in 2010 it seems Motorola is definitely committed to Google's platform and very much relevant in the modern marketplace.

Few technical details are known about the Devour, although it is expected to sport the same Qualcomm processor that can be found in the Palm Pixi, which has yet to go on sale in the UK.

From the pictures on the retail box, which were unearthed by Android Central, the Devour looks to have a full QWERTY keypad hidden in the same manner as the Motorola Milestone as well as WiFi connectivity.

As with most upcoming Motorola mobiles, it will use the MotoBLUR social networking overlay with Android keeping things ticking over underneath.

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