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O2 improves mobile network security

O2 improves mobile network security

O2 has taken the first steps towards providing a more secure mobile internet experience for its 22 million customers by contracting Crossbeam Systems to provide firewall protection for those who take their mobile phones online.

O2 has been at the forefront of the expansion in mobile internet use since it began stocking the iPhone. With the level of mobile internet traffic that O2 handles every day growing to 18 times the volume seen at the start of 2009, proper protection for phone users in an online environment is becoming essential.

O2 has chosen the X-Series service from Crossbeam because it is capable of securing over 6 million mobile internet sessions and since most smartphones allow for multiple sessions to run simultaneously, this level of scalability is vital.

O2's Ian Waggot said: "As a mobile operator, it's imperative that we can ensure the continued protection of our users as network traffic and bandwidth demands grow, without impacting performance."

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