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Motorola i1 Android phone spotted

Motorola i1 Android phone spotted

Motorola has been bringing Android to different price points recently and the i1, also known as the Opus One in the past, is set to continue that trend by making Android affordable.

The Motorola i1, which first surfaced in images uncovered by Boy Genius Report, will come with the MotoBLUR social networking services and skin on top of the basic Android package, although according to sources it will only be version 1.5 of Google's mobile operating system.

As well as Android, the i1 will have a touchscreen display, a fairly standard monoblock design and a three megapixel camera making an appearance.

Tech site Engadget had a chance to get to grips with the Motorola i1 and it looks as though it will be officially revealed by its manufacturer before the end of March.

Whether the i1 will ever make it to the UK is unknown, but there is set to be a good deal of competition when it comes to budget Android smartphones, with the slimmed down version of T-Mobile Pulse set to bring Android phones below the £100 price mark.

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