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Motorola Milestone sequel leaked?

Motorola Milestone sequel leaked?

The Motorola Milestone 2 has yet to be officially announced, but a prototype version has apparently turned up in a US gym in a case of lost-and-found that echoes that of the iPhone 4G.

If this event feels like a bit of a stunt, it certainly makes Motorola employees look a little more fitness-focused than Apple's, given the choice of a gym rather than a bar.

However, despite implying physical pride rather than a penchant for pints, forgetfulness seems to be a common theme for both firms.

The Milestone 2 will appear as the Droid Shadow in the US and is set to support HD video capture via its eight megapixel camera, with a mini HDMI output for TV playback.

The 4.3-inch screen sported by the smartphone itself is nothing to sniff at either and is a welcome size increase over the already statuesque original.

Motorola implemented a remote locking program before the finder could glean any more juicy information about the handset, but the few details here should keep smartphone fans happy.

The Milestone 2 might be with us within the next couple of months, according to Gizmodo and the inclusion of Android 2.2 will make sure that it is as cutting- edge as possible.

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