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Palm Pixi & Palm Pre Plus incoming on O2

Palm Pixi & Palm Pre Plus incoming on O2

O2 will begin offering both the Palm Pixi and the updated Pre Plus from May 28th after it agreed an exclusivity deal for the smartphones in the UK.

Palm was recently acquired by HP for over £800 million and although both the Pre Plus and the Pixi have been available in America for some time, the high-end smartphones are only just making their UK debut.

The Pre Plus has a larger on-board storage capacity than its predecessor, with more RAM to aid with multitasking and a slightly tweaked sliding QWERTY keypad.

It is not a complete reinvention of the well-received original and O2 will be hoping that its re-launch will ignite consumer interest.

The Palm Pixi is aimed at bringing the WebOS operating system to those on a tighter budget who may not have owned any form of smartphone technology in the past.

In the absence of serious competition from Palm, its rivals at Apple and Google have been able to make headway in the smartphone market and it could be quite a challenge for the Pre Plus and Pixi smartphones to gain mind share and market share with the iPhone 4G on the horizon and new Android mobiles arriving in their dozens.

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