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  5. 20 Android mobiles due from Motorola

20 Android mobiles due from Motorola

20 Android mobiles due from Motorola

Motorola has underlined its commitment to the Android platform by saying that it will definitely get 20 smartphones based on Google's operating system to the marketplace by the end of the year.

Motorola's Motoblur user interface, which integrates social networking features into the very core of a phone's software, is set to be a regular feature on all of its Android smartphones, according to Motorola's Tom Satchell.

20 phones sounds like a lot, but most of these will be targeted at specific areas, with only a few seeeing international launches, Mr Satchell told Slashgear.

Mr Satchell also spoke about the absence of UK network support for the Motorola Milestone, suggesting that the reason for this was the sheer number of competing mobiles which were cluttering provider line-ups.

Motorola said that it was including the Android-based smartphones that it has already released in the total of 20. That means that both the Milestone and Dext are counted even though they arrived back in late 2009.

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