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2GHz processor planned for Motorola mobile?

2GHz processor planned for Motorola mobile?

A super fast 2GHz processor could be present in soon to arrive Android-based Motorola smartphones, it has been revealed.

Motorola executive Sanjay Jha told Conceivably Tech of his companies plans to install the tech in an Android phone to hit the market by Christmas this year.

Should the comments attributed to Mr Jha prove to be accurate, the handset's processor would be twice as fast in raw terms than the current crop of Android smartphones.

Upping the clock speed of a mobile processor means that it will be able to more rapidly perform tasks and will also support more detailed graphics and offer higher quality multimedia capabilities.

The problem with the rumours is that no processor manufacturer has given any hints that a 2GHz chip is being developed. This could mean that there is at least a year or two left to wait before such technology becomes widely available.

HTC has standardised the 1GHz processor for high end smartphones with the likes of the Desire and HD2. The next iPhone is also likely to sport a chip that can theoretically perform at 1GHz.

In more solid Motorola news, the firm is said to be focusing on video calling and multi user conferencing for its next batch of Android smartphones, which shows that it is looking to be competitive with the iPhone 4 and HTC's Evo mobile.

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