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O2 probes mobile network problems

O2 probes mobile network problems

O2's 3G network coverage in London and the south has come under scrutiny after smartphone users in London were hit with widespread connectivity blackouts this week.

It took three and a half hours for O2's 3G network to come back online after it went down on Thursday.

Many smartphone users in the capital expressed their irritation via microblogging site Twitter and it was clear that the extent of the problem was serious even without hearing it from O2.

Across Hertfordshire, Sussex and the capital the levels of 3G coverage were "patchy," according to an O2 spokesperson, with the issues allegedly caused by maintenance work which had been scheduled many months in advance.

An O2 spokesperson told BBC Online: "Service was restored at 1pm but we continue to monitor the situation closely. We apologise for the inconvenience that this has caused."

The iPhone owners of the south have been the quickest to complain about the 3G downtime, with a sudden loss of connectivity causing irritation as mobile internet access withdrawal set in.

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