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Motorola snipes at iPhone 4 in ad

Motorola snipes at iPhone 4 in ad

A new advert from Motorola promoting its Android-based Droid X smartphone has played to the controversy over the problems with the new iPhone 4's tendency to drop signal.

Earlier this Nokia became the first of Apple's rivals to dig in its claws and highlight the embarrassing antenna problems that have been irking iPhone 4 owners.

Now Motorola has joined in to the rush to capitalise on Apple's PR-maggedon and has wasted no time in kicking the Cupertino giant while it's down in a new print ad.

The advert states: "Droid X does more. Like make calls no matter which way you hold it."

Small print at the bottom of the spot continues to give Apple a shoeing, noting that, unlike the iPhone 4, Moto's new phone comes with a "double antenna design...that allows you to hold the phone any way you like and use it just about everywhere to make crystal clear calls".

Standout features of Moto's forthcoming Android handset include a 4.3-inch screen, HDMI output for playing back the 720p video clips that its eight megapixel camera can record and a 1GHz processor to complete the package.

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