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Motorola XT300 images leak

Motorola XT300 images leak

The Motorola XT300 slider phone has been revealed in greater detail thanks to some spy shots which show off its touchscreen interface and full QWERTY keypad.

The XT300 looks quite similar to the BlackBerry Torch, with its keypad aligned in the portrait orientation and the top half sliding up and down to reveal and obscure this feature.

It is likely that the XT300 will be another affordable Android smartphone rather than a high end device, as it's set to arrive on Verizon in the US and the naming scheme would suggest that it will sit somewhere in the middle of the current crop of mobiles, according to Engadget.

It's expected that the handset will have MotoBlur onboard for social networking and messaging and its touchscreen display looks to be smaller than the 3.5 to four inch behemoths that dominate at the top end, so it could well be making an appearance on the UK market with a value price tag.

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