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New Motorola ad makes fun of Apple

New Motorola ad makes fun of Apple

Motorola has mocked Apple with its latest print ad for the Droid 2, which takes a dig at the iPhone’s lack of Flash support.

The latest ad, captioned: “Flash websites? There’s a phone for that”, takes Apple’s own “There’s an app for that” tagline to highlight the controversy surrounding Apple’s aversion to Adobe’s Flash technology in favour of the still-infant HTML5.

Apple has long had a reputation of making fun of its competitors in its advertising campaigns, but karma it seems, has a way of serving justice in the cruelest fashion, as the smartphone maker has increasingly become the butt of many anti-iPhone advertisements.

Motorola has previously taken a dig at the iPhone 4 with its “No Jacket Required” advert to poke fun at the handset’s persistent antenna problems which forced Apple to offer free bumpers to all affected iPhone 4 owners.

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