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Apple sues Motorola over patents

Apple sues Motorola over patents

Apple is pursuing legal action against Motorola over claims that it infringed the Cupertino-based tech giant’s multi-touch user interface patents with its recent range of Android powered phones.

Last month, Motorola issued four writs requesting that the multi-touch patents held by Apple were rescinded. It also alleged that Apple had infringed on 18 of its patents in everything from the iPhone to the App Store.

Now, Apple has hit back with a nine-page countersuit focussed on the multi-touch UI featured in the Droid and Droid X smartphones, but which could have serious repercussions for every smartphone maker out there.

Apple’s filing states: "Motorola's infringing activities have caused and will continue to cause Apple irreparable harm, for which it has no adequate remedy at law unless Motorola's infringing activities are enjoined.”

Prior to the recent worsening on relations, the firms had enjoyed a fairly convivial relationship. So much so in fact that Moto collaborated with Apple in the first iPhone.

Motorola has yet to comment expansively on developments, but has pledged to defend itself “vigorously” against Apple’s action.

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