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Motorola gaming phone incoming?

Motorola gaming phone incoming?

Motorola could be preparing to do battle with the PlayStation Phone, a product trademark filing suggests.

The application from the US phone maker, uncovered by details plans for a “handheld game device in the nature of hand-held units for playing electronic games for use with external display screen or monitor”.

Moto’s listing also provides us with the name Stadia for the mooted bit of kit, which it seems will also be capable of “measuring, storing, transferring and synchronizing an individual’s physical exercise and activity levels” – implying that we could be looking at motion-controlled Wii Sports-style gaming on the device.

Other than that details are thin on the ground. But it’s unlikely that Moto, which has never so much has dipped its toe into the games world, would bring a dedicated gaming device to market.

More probable by far is that we’re in line for an Android powered Milestone/Droid-style smartphone that’s optimised for motion-controlled gaming.

News of developments comes as Motorola’s debut tablet recently showed up at a trade expo, showcasing the latest, greatest version of Android, AKA Gingerbread.

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