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Motorola Pro surfaces at MWC 2011

Motorola Pro surfaces at MWC 2011

Motorola has showcased a new business focussed Android phone, amid a welter of devices running Google’s operating system launched at the Mobile World Congress (MWC).

Check out the Pro in action in the clip below

The handset’s appeal to the enterprise users rests largely in part on its BlackBerry-style physical QWERTY keyboard as well as QuickOffice pre-installed for editing Office docs while on the move.

motorola pro

Corporate types will presumably also appreciate the option to remotely wipe the device and SD card of sensitive info in the event that it gets lost or stolen, as well as a complex password system to keep the gen away from prying eyes.

Other that that the device hasn’t got loads to recommend it to more casual users, with a five-megapixel snapper and 3.1-inch screen marking it out as strictly in the mid-range category. Most disappointing of all though is that it’ll ship with the somewhat superannuated Froyo version of Android rather than the newest 2.3 Gingerbread iteration.

In line with other devices running Android 2.2, there’s also the option to use the smartphone as a Wi-Fi mobile broadband dongle to create a 3G connection that can be shared by up to five 3G enabled devices simultaneously via tethering. Moto has also provided 2GB of internal memory and the option to boost this by up to 32GB via microSD card support.

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