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O2 Refresh now offered online

O2 Refresh now offered online

O2 customers take now upgrade their phones online early via the Refresh scheme, after the carrier brought the game-changing tariff to the internet for the first time.

Previously solely available over the telephone and in O2 stores and launched in response to consumers’ relentless appetite for new pocket tech, Refresh intends to make it easier and less costly for them to get their hands on new smartphones within the contract term.

It attempts to this by splitting the contract into two sections, one covering the handset and one the contract holder’s monthly allowances.

If, say, 12 months into their contract, a customer decides he simply must have a new phone he’s espied, he or she can pay up the remainder of his handset contract.

Unlike standard contracts, the subscriber is not, however, expected to pay the remainder of the contract that covers calls, texts and data.

That means it’s much cheaper to switch to a fancy, shiny new smartphone when the whim takes tech fans.

Although there was some scepticism over take-up for Refresh, O2 has since announced that 90 per cent of new and upgrading customers are signing up for the service.

Phones up for grabs with Refresh right now include the iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One and BlackBerry Q10.

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