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Motorola reveals new Moto G

Motorola reveals new Moto G

Motorola has revealed a new version of its well reviewed Moto G budget smartphone. The name has stayed the same as last year’s model, but this tweaked model has plenty of new features to shout about.

Check out our Moto G video hands-on below

The key thing is the screen. Beefed up to 5 inches from 4.5 inches, it now has qHD smarts, meaning it will look even sharper than the 720p effort on its predecessor.

The processor is still a quad core Qualcomm chip, so things should whip along nicely even when playing the most graphically intense games or using apps that draw down lots of power.

Moto G 2014

Android 4.4 KitKat is, of course, keeping things ticking over. And despite Motorola being sold by Google, it remains a thankfully bloatware-free experience.

The upshot of which is you can expect more timely software updates and that they'll be no fiddly custom skins to get to grips with.

It has customisable designs too, with new Motorola Shells letting you change the look and feel of your smartie.

Prices start at just £144.99 SIM free, with the handset set to hit shelves in October.

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