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O2 throttling data roaming in EU

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O2 has confirmed reports that it's throttling the data speeds of customers using data roaming in the European Union (EU), in news that arrives a month after roaming fees were abolished for using your phone in the EU.

A disgruntled consumer tested O2’s network while on a two-day trip to Dublin and found that he could not access 4G networks and had his download speed limited to just 0.5 Mbps.

In a post on O2’s official online forum, the user called out the network for its poor performance, saying he was ‘appalled’ by the fact it was throttling data access on his pay monthly phone.

Interestingly, the customer said his O2 phone worked normally on 3G, but could not access faster LTE networks.

He also tested Three, Asda, Tesco and BT SIMs, all of which failed to offer perfect service. Vodafone, however, performed admirably.

O2 stated: "It's clear customers are making the most of using their home tariff while enjoying their holidays in Europe.

"However in the short term we have put temporary measures in place to protect the service experience for customers roaming in our Europe Zone.

"These firewalls are temporary and we are working to have these controls removed within the coming weeks."

EU roaming charges were finally abolished on 15th June 2017, after numerous delays.

The change in the law means that UK travellers can use their monthly allowances for no extra charge while they're holidaying in the EU.


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