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  5. O2 announces pre-order prices for the iPhone X

O2 announces pre-order prices for the iPhone X

iPhone X FaceID security working hero image

O2 has thrown open pre–orders for the iPhone X on its new flexible tariffs, which means you can change how much you pay month by month, depending on how much data allowance you need.

O2’s iPhone X tariffs start at £62 per month with an up front cost of £99.99. That will snag you a 64GB model, 1GB of data and free calls and texts.

What’s more, if you opt for a 20GB or higher plan, you’ll be able to swap your iPhone X for something new after 12 months, and you'll be eligible for one free screen replacement too.

Although the iPhone X is made from reinforced glass, accidents are bound to happen. And replacing an iPhone’s screen can be a costly business, especially as using unofficial outlets can void Apple’s warranty agreement.

However, O2 says that anyone who buys a plan with more than 20GB of data will at least have that stress taken away if they do break their precious new handset.

To ensure free screen replacement and the chance of a new phone after a year, you’ll need to pay £77 a month and an up front cost of £29.99 to secure 20GB of a data, plus free calls and texts.

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