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O2 launches new flexible tariffs

Change how much you pay each month depending on your needs.
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O2 has announced a series of new flexible tariffs, offering customers the chance to change how much they pay each month depending on their needs.

Available from 27th October, to coincide with pre–orders of Apple’s new iPhone X, the tariffs mean users can adjust how much data they need once a month and pay accordingly.

Want to find out more about O2's flexible tariffs? Here's what you need to know.*

Although precise plans have yet to be unveiled, O2 says that a customer paying £41 a month for 50GB of data can drop to paying £19, with their allowance falling accordingly.

Customers will be able to tweak how much data they want to use via the MyO2 app, in stores or over the phone.

O2 says it’s making the move in order to reflect an increasingly flexible marketplace, where consumers change their buying habits depending on how much money they have.

The issue has become particularly acute in the mobile industry, where two year contracts and fixed terms are considered the norm when it comes to buying high–end handsets.

O2 already separates the cost of a device and the tariff needed to access calls, texts and data.

The announcement of the more flexible tariffs comes just days after a Citizens Advice report berated Three, EE and Vodafone for continuing to charge customers for their phone after it's paid off.

“In 2013 O2 transformed the way consumers could purchase the latest mobile phones with the launch of O2 Refresh,” said CEO Mark Evans.

“With O2 Refresh customers don’t have to pay for a phone they already own, unlike customers of other networks.

"Now we’re going even further, offering customers complete flexibility by also giving them the ability to control the amount of data they use and pay for each month.”

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