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Asus ROG Phone 8 Pro Review

Asus' latest whispers - rather than shouts - its gaming street cred with the ROG Phone 8 Pro.
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ROG Phone 8 Hero


  • Flawless Performance: The Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chip ensures smooth and responsive gameplay even in the most demanding titles

  • High-Quality Display: With a 165Hz refresh rate and wide viewing angles, the display offers an immersive gaming and multimedia experience

  • Strong Snapper: The tri-camera setup delivers where it counts, an essential plus point in a mainstram premium smartphone


  • Luxury Pricing: The top-flight ROG Phone 8 Pro comes with a premium price tag to match

  • No Expandable Memory: Far from a dealbreaker, but a consideration for those with a ton of games or movies to take on the go

The Asus ROG Phone 8 Pro isn’t just a gaming phone; it’s a statement. The Chinese manufacturer’s bold proclamation is that gaming phones can be more than just niche devices.

With its sleek design refinements and powerhouse performance, the ROG Phone 8 Pro is designed to appeal to both hardcore gamers and mainstream users.

Car racing game being played on a mobile phone

Design and Specifications

Asus has taken a significant leap with the ROG Phone 8 Pro, moving away from the aggressive gaming aesthetic in previous models to sport a more refined look.

The phone’s slender chassis blends glass and metal, giving it a premium feel that rivals any top-tier smartphone. The back panel’s subtle geometric patterns and subtle – yet customisable - mini-LED logo provide just enough flair to remind you of its gaming pedigree, albeit a less colourful light show than in models past.

The single ‘Phantom Black’ matte colourway only serves to underline how the ROG Phone 8 Pro aims to be a phone that still boasts maximum gamer credentials but with a whisper rather than a roar in this incarnation.

The build quality is exceptional, with a robust frame that can withstand the rigours of intense gaming sessions. The attention to detail is evident in the tactile buttons and the smooth finish of the materials used.

It is all the more impressive when it tips the scales at a svelte 225g, as well as boasts Corning Gorilla Glass Victus 2 to keep your screen in one piece.

IP68-rated dust and water resistance is another welcome plus point, lending resilience and proving the evolved ROG Phone 8 Pro is more than a case of style over practicality.

However, the move to a more mainstream design has led to the removal of front-firing speakers flanking the display, which some users might miss.

The 8 Pro still boasts a host of accessories from the Aeroactive Cooler X (packed in with the premium Pro Edition model), which adds physical buttons, a lovely light show and a massive cooling fan to the device.

ROG Phone 8 AeroCooler

A plug-in controller is also available to give you that full-fat gaming experience when you need it, all while maintaining the ROG Phone 8 Pro's flexibility.

Screen Display and Audio

The 6.78-inch FHD+ AMOLED display on the ROG Phone 8 Pro is a visual treat, with a 165Hz refresh rate that ensures silky smooth gameplay.

The HDR10+ support means you get a colour-rich and detailed image, whether you’re gaming or consuming media.

With 1,600 nits on the regular and 2,500 at peak brightness, content looks glorious on the display, which also supports always-on functionality to keep users connected.

Audio-wise, the stereo speakers are loud and clear, providing an immersive audio experience.

However, the shift from front-firing speakers to a side-mounted setup may not be to everyone’s liking, as it can affect the sound quality and the overall grip during gameplay.

ROG Phone 8 Rear

Interface and Operating System

The ROG Phone 8 Pro runs on the latest version of Android and has a user interface optimized for gaming.

The Armoury Crate software suite is a gamer’s dream, allowing for in-depth customization and control over the phone’s performance settings.

Bloatware is kept to a minimum, and the operating system is still very much a lightweight and navigable Google-powered one.

Asus typically offers two major OS upgrades and four years of security patches for its ROG Phone lineup.

Given the ROG Phone 8 Pro ships with Android 14, it will receive updates until Android 16, with security patch updates extending until 2028. This commitment ensures that the device remains both up-to-date and secure throughout its lifespan.

ROG Phone 8 Camera Module


The ROG Phone 8 Pro boasts an advanced tri-camera system that’s a significant upgrade over its predecessors and puts it firmly in good stead amongst other premium devices.

The main camera's 50MP Sony IMX890 sensor is the leader. It is capable of full-resolution video output at 30fps. It sits behind an f/1.9 lens and has a new gimbal stabilizing system.

A 32MP Samsung sensor introduces telephoto capabilities to the ROG Phone for the first time, with 3x optical zoom and up to a whopping 30x digital zoom.

It captures photos at 8MP by default and includes optical image stabilisation and a Super Night Mode, perfect for low-light situations.

A 120-degree ultrawide camera based on a 13MP OmniVision sensor means vistas aren't a hurdle for the ROG Phone 8 Pro. A free-form f/2.2 lens in front of the ultrawide sensor helps with edge sharpness and reduces distortion.

All of this is rounded out with an upgrade to the front-facing camera, which is now equipped with a 32MP RGBW sensor. This sensor employs pixel binning to output 8 megapixels, but it is by no means a slouch.

All this hardware is brought to bear in a camera system that is a clear step up from previous models, with a gimbal-stabilised main sensor that captures sharp and vibrant images and both a telephoto and ultrawide to ensure you get the shot at all distances.

The ROG Phone 8 Pro also has no shortage of software-side refinements to improve the clarity and crispness of photos, from enabling quick shots with a press of the volume key to leveraging AI to optimise the saturation levels for individual elements in a shot with 'Object Sense'. These improvements make for significant improvements to imaging—one area that is too often overlooked in gaming phones.

We were pleasantly surprised to find it a more than capable snapper among everything else.

ROG Phone 8 Rear 2

Storage, Processors, and Performance

With up to 1TB of non-expandable storage and 24GB of RAM in the top-flight ‘Pro Edition’ variant, the ROG Phone 8 Pro is a performance monster.

The latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset ensures that games run flawlessly, and the thermal cooling design, consisting of a vapour chamber and multiple graphite sheets, keeps this phone cool under pressure.

There are only great things to report on this front, as coupled with the high refresh rate on the display, it made for a comfortable and impressive gaming device and sheer overkill when it came to handling daily tasks and multiple apps on the go.

Battery Life

The 5500mAh battery is a powerhouse, providing ample juice for extended gaming sessions.

The 65W fast charging capability means you won’t be out of action for long when you need a top-up, whilst 15W for wireless charging is also a welcome addition to keep you playing.

Two days of battery life as a daily device became the norm, which is incredibly helpful in smartphone stakes these days – everything from viewing movies, listening to music on the commute and a bevvy of emails through the day barely made a dent…although a lengthy session of gaming sees it get a bit warm.

ROG Phone 8 Dark


The ROG Phone 8 Pro is a bold step forward for gaming phones, offering a rich blend of high-end features and everyday usability. Its design, performance, and display are top-notch, and the dedicated accessories naturally enhance the overall experience.

Whether you’re a hardcore gamer or someone who simply appreciates a device without compromise on features and specs, the ROG Phone 8 Pro delivers in spades.

Despite its many strengths, the ROG Phone 8 Pro is not without its flaws. The lack of front-firing speakers and the punch-hole camera may detract from the gaming experience for some.

Additionally, the phone’s software has been reported to have some glitches, with issues such as the Air Triggers not functioning as reliably as they should.

When placed side by side with its contemporaries like Nubia's RedMagic 9 Pro, the ROG Phone 8 Pro more than holds its own. The Red Magic 9 Pro boasts superior cooling with a built-in fan, but the ROG Phone 8 Pro counters with a more versatile camera system and a display that’s just as vibrant and responsive.

The OnePlus 12 could be considered another strong contender because it offers excellent value for money in the performance stakes, but the ROG Phone 8 Pro edges it out, too, with its suite of gaming-specific features and accessories that enhance the mobile gaming experience.

In the UK, the ROG Phone 8 Pro's starting price is £1,099.99 for 512GB of storage and 16GB of RAM, rising to £1,299 for the Pro Edition variant (which doubles the storage to 1TB and sees the DDR5X memory jump to 24GB).

This price places it firmly in the premium smartphone category - but every penny is entirely apparent in the overall features, specs and experience.

For those who want a phone that excels at gaming but can also serve as a fearless daily driver, the ROG Phone 8 Pro is a compelling option. It’s a device that proves gaming phones can be powerful and practical in equal measure.


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