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Ernest Doku Uswitch spokesperson

Ernest Doku

Head of Commercial - Broadband and Mobiles

About the Author

Sometime Uswitch spokesperson and Head of Commercial for broadband and mobiles. Part-time handset reviewer. One-time video games tester. Full-time gadget-fancier.

As well as writing sector reports and putting new phones to the test for Uswitch, Ernest is a regular contributor to Mobile News, The Metro, Huffington Post and Mobile Today.

A self-confessed Hypebeast and all-round Beau Brummel of the Billionaire Boys Club era, Ernest claims that 2022 is the year he gets his ruinous clothes-shopping habit under control once and for all. Nobody believes him.


  • Broadband

  • Mobiles

  • Handset reviews

  • Telecoms


  • The University of Manchester

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