Extra energy

Extra Energy

Extra Energy is an independent gas and electricity supplier with fixed price offers for both domestic and business customers

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Launched in early 2014, Extra Energy is one of the newest entrants to the UK energy market.

Customer satisfaction

Unfortunately, Extra Energy had fewer than 200 responses in our latest independent YouGov survey, so we are unable to provide a customer service rating.

Who they are

Extra Energy is one of the more recent entrants to the UK’s energy market and the company officially launched in early 2014.

Despite their newcomer status, Extra Energy have a sister company, Extra Energie, which powers around one million homes and businesses in Germany.

Why we like Extra Energy

Extra Energy provide short- and long-term fixed price plans to both businesses and homes. The energy provider offers competitive rates with a “fresh and new attitude” toward the energy market.

They aim to give customers easy-to-understand bills and an approachable customer service team (that is also based in the UK). A lean business model means cheaper prices for you.

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