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  • Samsung Galaxy S3 Blue
  • Blackberry Z10 Black
  • Nokia Lumia 925 Black
  • Samsung Galaxy S3 White

Phone Colour OS Screen Size Memory Camera Wifi 3G/4G
Samsung Galaxy S3 16GB Blue

Galaxy S3 16GB

4.8" 16GB 8.0MP 3G

Free from
£12 a month

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BlackBerry Z10


4.2" 16GB 8.0MP 4G

Free from
£23 a month

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Nokia Lumia 925

Lumia 925

4.5" 16GB 8.7MP 4G

Free from
£14 a month

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Samsung Galaxy S3 16GB White

Galaxy S3 16GB

4.8" 16GB 8.0MP 3G

Free from
£15 a month

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Cheap mobile phones

For those of us watching the pennies, cost is a big factor when choosing a new mobile phone. We'd all like to have the latest phone in our pocket but when it could cost anything from £50 per month to £75 for a contract with some networks, it's often hard to justify the expense.

We've found the cheapest mobile deals out there for you to compare in our table above. We think you'll be surprised at the range of great mobile phones and cheap tariffs available. It proves that there are plenty of cheap phone deals out there to meet even the most money-conscious consumer's needs.

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Which networks offer cheap mobile deals?

Most mobile networks offer at least one cheap mobile tariff, aimed at people who do not want to spend a lot of money on their phone each month.

Cheap mobile phone deals come in many forms. The term 'cheap phone deal' might refer to mobile phone tariffs offering cheap call rates. Or if might be taken to mean cheap monthly payments on a great value talkplan.

Cheap O2 mobile deals

You can get a cheap mobile deal on some of the latest Samsung, HTC, Nokia and Sony handsets from as little as £15 per month.

If you're not too worried about having the hottest handset, you can find a cheap mobile package for as low as £10 with O2.

Cheap Orange mobile deals

If you're looking for a cheap mobile deal on Orange, there are several to choose from starting at around £10.

Cheap T-Mobile deals

There are some great cheap phone deals out there for the T-Mobile network. If you're looking to really make some savings you could get a smartphone on a super-cheap monthly contract for as little as £10 each month!

Cheap Three mobile deals

Finding cheap mobile phone deals from Three has never been easier. Three's cheap mobile packages should come in just shy of £10 per month.

Cheap Virgin Mobile deals

Virgin offers some great cheap mobile phone contract deals, starting from £7.50 per month. Although positioned as a value network, you can still pick up some high-end phones from the likes of Samsung and HTC, affordably too.

Cheap Tesco Mobile deals

Like Virgin Mobile, Tesco Mobile is pitched at more cost-conscious consumers. Pay-monthly deals from Tesco Mobile start from £7 per month.

Cheap EE deals

EE offers a premium 4G service, so is less keenly priced than 3G-only operators. However if a super-fast service is what you require, EE's prices are well worth paying.

Can I get a cheap phone deal on the latest models?

If you sign-up to a mobile phone contract you can get some really cheap deals on even the latest phones.

You will always pay more for the very newest handsets if you choose to go for a pay as you go tariff. However, you will find that most 18 and 24 month contracts will offer you a relatively cheap mobile phone deal, even on some of the latest models.

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What if I want a cheaper deal but want to keep my existing phone?

One of the best ways to get a super-cheap mobile phone deal is to opt for a SIM only deal from any of the major mobile phone networks. If you already have a mobile phone handset that you're happy with, you can sign-up for a SIM only deal and make massive savings on your monthly deals.

SIM only deals are becoming more popular as they allow people the ultimate freedom in handset choice and a great cheap mobile phone deal too.

If you're only looking to get your hands on a great talk time or text deal and don't need to buy a new handset, these are the cheapest mobile phone deals for you!

Although less well known than more mainstream phone providers, giffgaff offers SIM only deals with incredible rates and the chance to qualify for discounts when you recommend them to a friend.

Find out more about giffgaff here: giffgaff

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