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Lucy Elizabeth Moffat

Content Marketing Executive

Friends playing video games together

Legacy consoles vs modern gaming - which is better value today?

In honour of Black Friday, we analysed the real term cost today of legacy gaming consoles compared to modern day machines to find out which is better value, and offer advice on what to do with old video game consoles.

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Professional woman using phone in front of office

Predictive Sexism: Is your mobile phone sexist?

Uswitch reveals how gender bias predictive text algorithms are on mobile phones.

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Video game download times around the world revealed

Taking 41 of the most-mentioned video games we reveal how long it takes the world to download them.

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Revealed: The World’s Best Virtual School Trips

From art to history, here are the most educational virtual tours to take when you can’t go outdoors.

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Friends watching sitcoms together

Progressive programmes: screen testing female, POC, and LGBTQ+ representation in sitcoms

We’ve analysed the best rated English language sitcoms of the last 50 years to determine how female, POC, and LGBTQ+ representation has changed

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