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New boiler: What's the cost of a new boiler?

New boiler: What's the cost of a new boiler?

Your boiler may be the single most important item in your home, particularly around winter. So when it comes to maintaining your boiler or boiler replacement, it's essential to make sure you get it right.

Time for a new boiler?

A new energy-efficient boiler could save you hundreds off your heating bill every year.

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But when is the right time to replace your boiler, and what should you be looking for in a newer model?

Here we look at whether or not it's worth replacing your old boiler and how long it will take for the investment to pay for itself.

Boiler prices

Your boiler is at the heart of your home and is a complicated piece of machinery.

Consequently new boilers aren't cheap and prices vary greatly based on the different brands, sizes and types available. Typically new boiler prices range from close to £500 all the way to £2,500, so it's important to get all the facts before you decide to buy a replacement boiler.

However, it is worth noting that boiler installation costs and boiler replacement costs are often compensated by the savings you make thanks to your new, more energy efficient boiler. After all, it is estimated that roughly half of what you spend on energy every year is down to your boiler. You can find more information on costs and savings below.

How long to recoup the cost of a new boiler in savings?

While peace of mind is vital when it comes to buying a boiler, you may also consider how long will it take for the boiler to pay for itself.

Replacing an old inefficient boiler with a new one means you can expect to save some money — how much depends on your old boiler.

According to Energy Saving Trust, here's what you can expect from a new gas boiler with an A rating and thermostatic radiator controls:

Old boiler rating Annual savings semi-detached house Annual savings detached house Annual savings mid-terraced house Annual savings mid-floor flat
G £205 £315 £175 £85
F £145 £220 £120 £55
E £125 £190 £105 £50
D £110 £170 £95 £45

Source: Energy Saving Trust, accessed May 2021

Time for a new boiler?

A new energy-efficient boiler could save you hundreds off your heating bill every year.

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When to get a new boiler

Now you know how much you could save, how can you tell when the time is right to invest in a new boiler? Here are some simple tips to help you decide:

  • If your boiler is beyond the point where it's cost-efficient to repair it. If you've called out a qualified engineer to look at your boiler and they've told you that it's at the point of no return then it's time to invest in a boiler replacement.

    Boiler replacement. New boiler cost.
  • If your boiler doesn't give you the control over your heating that you need - for example if the controls or timer aren't very flexible, or there isn't a thermostat - a new boiler might be a good option when it comes to helping to cut your heating bills. In some circumstance, you might be able to get away with just installing new controls.

  • If your system has a 'dry cycle'. A dry cycle is a feature found on older boilers which means that if the heating is on, but your home is already at the temperature set by the thermostat, it won't switch off, but instead will send the heat to an 'overflow radiator' (usually in the bathroom). This can be a real energy waster, because you're heating your home when you don't need to be.

  • If your boiler has a continuous pilot light. (This is the flame you can see burning through a small window on the front of some boilers.) This is a common feature on older boilers and it's a real waste of gas.

  • If your boiler is on the floor rather than on the wall, it is likely to be older and much less energy-efficient. In this situation it's a good idea to consider a replacement boiler.

  • If your boiler is G-rated for energy efficiency it's a good idea to replace it.

  • If you want to sell your house or you're renovating your home, a new boiler could add to its value.

Things to do before you buy a new boiler

Before you rush out to buy a new boiler there are plenty of other steps you can take to cut your heating costs without splashing out.

A new boiler is a big investment, so it can take a while to make your money back in savings. Here are a few cheaper measures that you could take to cut your heating bill:

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