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Business broadband deals

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About these results

*Average speeds are based on the download speed available to at least 50% of customers with this product during peak time (8 to 10pm). Your actual speeds depend on factors like your connection type, area, time of day and distance from the telephone exchange.

Deals are subject to local availability and may not be available to existing customers. You can confirm availability and estimated speeds for your property on the provider’s website - this may be different to what we show.

Some providers may increase monthly costs each year during your contract, in line with the retail or consumer price index. Check their terms before signing up.

We’ve highlighted some recent Uswitch Award winners on our table.

How our site works

Uswitch services are provided at no cost to you, but we may receive a commission from the companies we refer you to. This helps to keep our site free for you to use. Sometimes we have commercial agreements with providers to highlight deals that we think are worth your consideration. These deals are labelled 'sponsored'.

Business broadband explained

Fast and reliable business broadband is essential to the success of most modern businesses. And with more companies now being run remotely, a good business broadband connection has never been more vital.

Factors when you compare business broadband and landline

  • Web hosting and email addresses: Look out for antivirus and anti-spam filtering features.

  • Site creation: Sites such as EasySiteWizard help you quickly and easily set up a website for your business.

  • Business Voice (VoIP): Receive an inclusive VoIP business line for incoming and outgoing calls.

  • Extranet: This provides employees with one place to store and share information, which is backed up daily and password-protected.

  • PC Security: Protection suites safeguard your PC from hackers and viruses when you're online and protect you from infected flash drives when you're offline.

Should I go for a static or dynamic IP address?

Static/fixed IP addresses can give your business a real look of professionalism. This is great if the majority of your transaction and correspondence take place online.

However, the main problem with static/fixed IP addresses is that they can be vulnerable to hackers. So you'll need to make sure your internet security is as tight as can be if you choose one.

Business telephone and broadband for working from home

If you run a business from home, or are thinking of starting up, it's a good plan to get a business broadband connection rather than relying on your current home broadband service.

As well as giving you a number of added benefits, which we'll go through below, home broadband isn't really designed to be used to run a business. In fact, some business Wi-Fi providers include it in their T&Cs that home broadband must not be used for business or professional purposes. So be sure to check that you're using yours in the right way.

As long as you're operating a genuine business with your broadband, no matter how small, you should be able to find a cheap business broadband and phone package for your home on Uswitch.

Business Wi-Fi and phone packages for offices

If you have an office space, business broadband is a must. And it can be claimed back as a business expense on your company taxes.

Have a look at our Uswitch business broadband deals to find the right package for your organisation when you next switch broadband. Or keep reading to learn about important things to consider when you compare broadband for business deals.

Best business broadband deals on in September 2023

PackageBroadband speedContract length
BT Business Digital Fibre 38 Essential38Mb average*24 months
Sky Business Essential76Mb average*24 months
TalkTalk Business Simply Fibre Broadband76Mb average*24 months
bOnline Business Fibre 76 Broadband - 1 Month76Mb average*1 month
Sky Business Pro150Mb average*24 months
TalkTalk Business Simply Broadband18Mb average*12 months
Vodafone Business: Fibre 135Mb average*24 months
TalkTalk Business Complete Fibre Broadband & Unlimited UK Calls76Mb average*24 months
bOnline Unlimited Ultrafast Business Fibre 330330Mb average*12 months
BT Business Full Fibre 150 Enhanced & Digital Phone Line152Mb average*24 months
More broadband deals

More broadband deals

Static IP address for business internet

An IP (Internet Protocol) address is a numbered code that identifies every computer connected to a certain network. It then enables them to exchange information with one another over the internet.

With most home broadband connections, you're assigned a dynamic IP address. This means it changes every time you connect. However, with premium business broadband connections you are usually provided with a static IP address, which means that the identifying number always stays the same.

Static IPs enable you to access more advanced internet features that are helpful to a business, especially when running an office full of colleagues who are working together all day.

With a static IP address and you can:

  • Run a server

  • Build your own website

  • Create an email address that sends messages directly to an email account on your own domain

Which business internet providers should I choose?

A lot of UK business broadband providers now offer fairly-priced, high-speed packages tailored to the needs of companies at any size.

BT business broadband

BT Business offers standard broadband packages with superfast speeds and reliable customer service.

Its broadband packages range from those suitable for small-to-medium enterprises with light usage needs, all the way to larger firms with dozens (or even hundreds) of connected devices in use at any one time.

Customers can also choose to add mobile broadband with free Wi-Fi minutes on selected broadband packages. In addition to a minimum 10GB of usage allowance, BT also provides 10 email addresses with spam protection through Outlook Web Access.

Virgin Media business broadband

Thanks to its ultrafast cable broadband network, Virgin Media Business is able to offer very high-speed and consistent broadband that's faster than most fibre connections — allowing speeds around 500Mbps all the way up to 1000Mbps (or 1Gbps).

Customer support is another strong selling point for Virgin Media's business broadband, with help on-hand from a dedicated, UK-based team 24/7 via a freephone number.

Other key features of Virgin Media Business Broadband include unlimited downloads and calls, as well as business-grade SLAs and wireless routers as standard on all packages.

Sky Connect business broadband

Joining the world of business broadband in 2021, Sky Connect offers enterprises a range of purpose-built broadband and voice tariffs, with speeds up to 76Mbps on its superfast fibre and up to 500Mbps on its full fibre broadband package.

A great option for smaller companies, the well-known provider has a dedicated customer service team with your business and its needs at heart.

Plus, those who sign up for Sky Connect's Pro and Plus plans will be given a 4G backup hub that will switch on in the event of a broadband outage. The Sky Connect digital phone service ensures businesses stay connected to their clients and colleagues.

TalkTalk business broadband

TalkTalk Business broadband packages offer speeds of up to 76Mbps and prioritised business traffic. It's also known to have some of the most competitive prices on the market, so could be a great option if you're looking to save on overheads.

Companies also benefit from TalkTalk's wealth of industry experience, great customer service and the flexibility to customise a phone line and broadband deal to meet their needs and add extra services for a small additional charge.

Its customer support is excellent, with dedicated, UK-based specialists on call from 9am to 5pm. TalkTalk's superlative aftercare record was highlighted when it scooped a Cisco Customer Service Award for its standards of customer support.


bOnline is a small business broadband specialist, providing three powerful and affordable connections to help equip small businesses in the digital age.

Specifically, bOnline offers broadband on a 12-month contract with speeds ranging from 18Mb to 80Mb.

How can I maintain a strong internet connection all around the office?

A strong wireless network is the key to business broadband connectivity, so you'll need a Wi-Fi router with a long range that you can trust to handle multiple connections reliably. Consider adding additional access points for busier or larger locations.

How many routers do I need for my office?

For small offices with around ten or fewer workers, one router should suffice, but if you have many users or a large area to cover, supplementing these with multiple access points may be necessary. As a general rule, each access point can reach around 150ft (46m) indoors before starting to lose performance.

Why does my business need a static IP address?

A static IP address is vital if you want to set up a website, manage a server or email account or access your network remotely. A static IP address gives businesses a single, unique identifier for their internet connection, whereas most home broadband users have a dynamic IP address that changes every time they connect.

Should I bundle my business phone line and broadband?

Many business broadband deals come with a landline service from the same provider too. So it would make sense to bundle your phone line with your business broadband, both to save costs and to get a more seamless customer experience.