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TalkTalk business broadband deals

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  • Superfast fibre broadband with unlimited downloads
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  • Free wireless router and installation

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TalkTalk Business company history

The consumer division of TalkTalk was founded in 2003, as part of Carphone Warehouse. Now de-merged from its parent company, it currently serves the needs of over 180,000 business and public sector customers and works with over 800 wholesale partners nationwide.

TalkTalk Business uses the same network as the TalkTalk consumer wing and now offers fibre broadband as well as a standard ADSL service.

TalkTalk Business customer support

TalkTalk Business broadband customer support is staffed by a team of dedicated specialists on call to assist customers. Over 90% of calls to TalkTalk Business's call centre are resolved in a single conversation.

All TalkTalk Business broadband call centres are UK-based and are free to call.


TalkTalk Business broadband packages come with a free wireless router capable of delivering reliable, fast broadband connections around large business premises. TalkTalk Business's Super Router uses wireless AC standard and operates on a dual band, so your internet connection will be fast and stable.

Software features

TalkTalk Business broadband customers get free access to WorkSafe, TalkTalk's network-level security solution for broadband packages. All customers also get Talk2Go, which forwards landline numbers to your mobile so you never miss a business call.

Subscribe to one of the more expensive products and TalkTalk will also manage the broadband facet of your business relocations for free and will provide special business calling features for no extra charge as well.

E-mail features

TalkTalk Business broadband customers get a static IP address upon request. This allows them to remotely access their business e-mail over the internet for working while away from the office.

Opt for the higher-end packages and you'll get up to four static IP addresses.