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Most unreliable supercars 2023

Car insurance experts at Uswitch have ranked some popular petrol and EV supercars based on the number that pass their MOT the first time, the number that have been recalled, and reviews in the motoring industry.
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When it comes to supercars the general rule is speed, handling, and looks take precedence over practicality and usability, with some exceptions, but for all those sacrifices you would also expect a top-quality car you can rely on. Uswitch car insurance experts have found which supercars are not only the most unreliable but also which cost the most to insure.

What are the most unreliable supercars? 

Manufacturer / ModelNumber of recallsAverage number of recalls per year of productionInitial MOT failure rate (%)Review scoreAverage score /10
Maserati Granturismo80.516.83%3.40.6
Ferrari 612 Scaglietti10.114.61%42.55
Toyota GT8630.312.94%4.22.9
Aston Martin DB770.215.32%4.52.92
Aston Martin DB9110.610.61%4.23.08
Lamborghini Urus30.68.00%3.93.09
Ferrari Portofino40.88.26%4.13.25
Lotus Evora50.411.32%4.53.38
Ferrari F35540.18.18%3.63.7
Aston Martin DBS90.69.37%4.53.75

1. Maserati GranTurismo

  • Initial MOT failure rate (%) - 16.83%
  • Number of recalls - 8
  • Average number of recalls per year of production - 0.5
  • Review score 3.4

There is no doubt that the Maserati GranTurismo is an impressive car. Combining look-at-me features with speed makes it a highly revered supercar, but unfortunately, when it comes to unreliability, it tops the list. Despite having 83.17% pass their MOT first time, it has the lowest review score coming in at 3.4, the most recalls, and the highest number of recalls per year of production.

2. Ferrari 612 Scaglietti

  • Initial MOT failure rate (%) - 14.61%
  • Number of recalls - 1
  • Average number of recalls per year of production - 0.1
  • Review score 4

Ferrari is one of the world's most iconic brands and with 540 bhp under the hood combined with the ability to accelerate from 0-60 mph in 4.2 seconds, it is no wonder why the 612 Scaglietti is so popular among enthusiasts. However, due to a relatively poor MOT pass rate, with 14.61% failing to pass first-time, the Ferrari is ranked as the second least reliable supercar on our list.

3.  Toyota GT86

  • Initial MOT failure rate (%) - 12.94%
  • Number of recalls - 3
  • Average number of recalls per year of production - 0.3
  • Review score 4.2

Considering Toyota is known for making fun, affordable, and reliable performance cars, it was a surprise to see the Toyota GT86 ranked as the third least reliable supercar. It averages an overall score of 2.9/10 despite an industry review score of 4.2 out of 5 and an MOT pass rate of 87.06%

The most expensive supercars to insure

Manufacturer / ModelApprox valueMedian annual premium based on car value
Lamborghini Urus£159,925£3,788.31
Aston Martin DB7£61,786£2,675.56
Toyota GT86£27,830£2,377.65
Ferrari 612 Scaglietti£98,366£2,113.96
Maserati Granturismo£34,924£2,081.13
Ferrari Portofino£177,017£1,856.44
Aston Martin DB9£49,579£1,815.75
Lotus Evora£47,500£1,277.20
Ferrari F355£78,692£1,003.35
Aston Martin DBS£159,830£917.55

As you can see the price of the annual premium varies, from the most expensive (Lamborghini Urus) coming in at £3788.31 and the lowest (Aston Martin DBS) being a respectable £917.55. It is important to consider a variety of factors before buying a supercar, including the car's age, its price, its replacement costs and parts, its likelihood of being stolen, and more. Obviously, these factors all have a direct impact on the amount of premium you will have to pay for your car insurance. 

Supercars are considered non-standard for most insurers. It is not uncommon for insurance companies to charge higher premiums for high-performance sports cars due to the higher risk they represent.

The most unreliable hybrid and full electric supercars

Manufacturer / ModelNumber of recallsAverage number of recalls per year of productionInitial MOT failure rate (%)Review scoreAverage score /10
Jaguar I-Pace20.48.45%3.32.4
Ferrari LaFerrari60.73.13%4.84
BMW i860.710.88%4.46.5
Lexus LS600H0010.38%3.87.2

1. Jaguar I-Pace

  • Initial MOT failure rate (%) - 8.45%
  • Number of recalls - 2
  • Average number of recalls per year of production - 0.4
  • Review score 3.3

As Jaguar's first all-electric supercar, the I-PACE offers you the looks of a concept car and the practicality of an SUV. Capable of 0-60mph in 4.5 secs. Unfortunately, with the lowest overall review score out of petrol, hybrid and electric, this all-electric supercar finds itself as the least reliable.

2. Ferrari LaFerrari

  • Initial MOT failure rate (%) - 3.13%
  • Number of recalls - 6
  • Average number of recalls per year of production - 0.7
  • Review score 4.8

Ferrari's LaFerrari is the first ever production car to be equipped with a hybrid system, combining an electric motor and Ferrari's classic V12. This supercar reaches staggering speeds of 217mph and goes from 0-60mph in under 3 seconds, but due to a high number of recalls and an overall average score of 4/10, the LaFerrari is the second least reliable EV/hybrid supercar.

3. BMW i8

  • Initial MOT failure rate (%) - 10.88%
  • Number of recalls - 6
  • Average number of recalls per year of production - 0.7
  • Review score 4.4

The third least reliable car on our list is the BWM i8, even though it is the highest-selling plug-in hybrid electric sports car in history with over 20,000 sales. Unfortunately, the supercar had a large number of recalls which affected it’s reliability and ultimately position in our list. The i8 was discontinued in June 2020. 

The most expensive EV supercars to insure

Manufacturer / ModelApprox valueMedian annual premium based on car value
Ferrari LaFerrari£1,380,000£10,014.50
BMW i8£109,195£1,282.76
Lexus LS600H£19,337£999.50
Jaguar I-Pace£69,995£931.65

Everyone dreams of owning a luxurious, powerful supercar. For some, dreams come true. However, an investment like a supercar requires study and research. Electric car insurance is more expensive than conventional insurance, due to the need for specialist parts and servicing. There are specialist electric car insurance companies that offer tailored policies for low emissions vehicles.

As you can see from the table above the most expensive EV/Hybrid supercar to insure by a country mile is the Ferrari LaFerrari, the sheer cost of the car almost guarantees high premiums when it comes to insuring it. The BMW i8 comes in with a respectable £1282.76 then the Lexus LS600H in third place as the most expensive super to insure.

How to save on your car insurance:

Compare different car insurance quotes

It's easy to assume that third-party car insurance is the cheapest option since it offers the most basic level of coverage. There is no guarantee that this will always be the case since car insurance prices are determined by the circumstances of each individual. Check out our site and compare car insurance quotes for third-party, comprehensive, and third-party fire & theft prices.

Usually, the cost of a car correlates with the amount it costs to repair it. Generally, cars with high parts costs are more expensive to repair and, therefore, placed in higher car insurance groups.

Pay annually for your insurance

A good way to reduce the cost of your car insurance is by paying annually rather than monthly. Paying your car insurance monthly may seem more convenient, but it will increase your monthly payment as insurers will charge you interest to split the payments over the year.

Consider your mileage

By reducing your mileage on your insurance policy, you might expect to see a reduction in your premium. Sadly it's not quite that simple. People with lower mileage tend to drive on different roads at different times than people who drive more. That means it’s important to put in an honest estimate of your mileage to get the most appropriate cover for you.

Research the type of car

Keep in mind that the model of the car you drive can significantly impact your insurance premiums, with some models offering lower rates, on average than others. Always check which insurance group a car is in before you consider buying it.

Smaller engines are more likely to fall into a low insurance band, which leads to cheaper costs for these cars. A 1.1-litre hatchback, for instance, would be less expensive than an SUV with a powerful engine. smaller-engine cars should also have lower road tax.

Get a car insurance quote

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