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Leoni Moninska Author image

Leoni Moninska

Insurances Expert

About the Author

Leoni Moninska is an expert in insurances with a focus on car and home insurance. She is passionate about helping customers find insurance deals that are right for them, at a challenging time for people’s personal finances.

Articles written by Leoni

Feature image with the title "UK van statistics 2024" and a picture of a man driving a van and the Uswitch logo

UK Van Statistics 2024 |

The latest UK van statistics for 2024, including a market overview, average van insurance cost figures, and van theft statistics across the UK.

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Feature image with the title 100 UK classic car insurance statistics for 2024 and a picture of a classic car

100 UK Classic Car Insurance Statistics for 2024 - Facts and Stats Report |

Which gender pays most for classic car insurance? We’ve collated 100 UK classic car insurance statistics in 2024, including market size and demographic stats.

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UK Temporary Car Insurance Statistics 2023

The latest UK temporary car insurance statistics for 2023, including a market overview, analysis of users, customer satisfaction, and much more.

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The Ultimate Mechanic Jargon Buster For Confusing Car Terms

Find car terminology confusing? No worries. Uswitch x KwikFit has created a new car jargon tool, translating the most technical mechanical language into its simplest form.

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The UK's Ultimate Roman Empire Roadtrip

The UK's Ultimate Roman Empire Roadtrip

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An image showing a car on top of a stack of coins and the title "100+ UK car insurance statistics 2023".

100+ UK Car Insurance Statistics 2023

We’ve compiled more than 100 UK car insurance market statistics, average costs, and premiums. Click here to read more!

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 Banner Graphic with the title '100+ Young Drivers Insurance Statistics'

100+ Young Driver Insurance Statistics 2023 |

We’ve collated a page of over 100 statistics about young drivers, featuring stats on the many factors that determine average cost of insurance for new drivers.

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image of a white supercar driving on a road with clear blue skies and a few fluffy white clouds with the overlay ' The most unreliable supercars 2023'

Most unreliable supercars 2023

For most of us, supercars are out of our reach. It's only fair that after spending all that money, you'd also expect a high-quality vehicle, so Uswitch looked into which models are most unreliable and which cost the most to insure.

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EU driving

Driving in the EU – what you need to know

The rules around driving in the EU have changed for UK residents. Find out what you need to know with our handy guide – including whether your insurance is valid

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Car accident

What to do if you're involved in a car accident

Car insurance experts at Uswitch have put together a checklist on what to do if you’re involved in an accident and essential car safety tips to help drivers stay safe on the road.

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Header for blue badge offences campaign

Blue Badge Offences

Where in the UK has the most blue badge related parking offences?

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EV Value: Where can you travel the furthest for your money in an electric vehicle compared to a petrol-powered counterpart?

EV vs petrol range

Where in the world can you travel the furthest for your money in an EV compared to a petrol car?

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