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Energy Q&A: How to change from a prepayment meter to a standard credit meter

Prepayment tariffs aren't as competitive as standard meter energy plans. While you can always save by comparing plans and switching from one prepayment plan to another, you can save more by switching your meter out to snatch up the cheapest deals on the market

Why pay more for the same energy?

Find and switch to a better energy deal in minutes

Not everyone is eligible to switch their meter out. And those that are eligible may need to pay. We explain how to go about swapping out your meter to get a better deal.

Prepayment Meter

Switching from a prepayment meter to a credit meter

The good news is that as of April 2016, none of the big six charge to change prepayment meters over to credit meters.

However, they will require that your energy account is debt free, and some may run a credit check. Contact your supplier to get the ball rolling.

If your current energy supplier charges for the meter change, consider switching to a supplier that won't.

If you simply cannot meet the criteria for a credit meter, there are still measures you can take. You can still find a cheaper deal than your current one with a differenet supplier by comparing prepayment energy plans with uSwitch.

Some prepayment plans offer other features besides price — some suppliers like OVO Energy provide more convenient ways for topping up via your smartphone, saving you a run out to the corner shop at least.

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Why pay more for the same energy?

Find and switch to a better energy deal in minutes