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Smart meter in home display - how it works

Smart meter in home display - how it works

A smart meter in-home display gives you visibility of your gas and electricity usage by providing you with near real-time information about your consumption in pounds and pence — powerful knowledge that can help you keep better tabs on your energy costs.

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An in home display communicates with your smart meter, providing an hourly, weekly or monthly view of your energy usage.

You will be given one when your smart meter is installed. Both the meter and display will be provided to you by your supplier at no extra cost.

Wondering when you'll get your smart meter? Find out here.

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Benefits of a smart meter display


The aim of smart meters is to help households have a better understanding of their usage.

The display allows you to see how everyday tasks — such as making a cup of tea, using your tumble dryer or watching TV — impacts not just your kWh consumption but also your energy bills.

For example, if you’re unsure if you can afford to turn the heat up a couple degrees this winter, you can check the monthly view on your in home display to see where your spend is to date.

When your next gas and electricity bill arrives, there won’t be any nasty surprises and you can better manage your household budget.


For prepayment meter households, information about usage and credit is now more handy. Instead of hunting in a dark cupboard or cabinet for your meter, your wireless display can be placed anywhere in your home.

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According to Smart Energy GB, the organisation developed to increase awareness of smart meters ahead of the nationwide roll out, 80% of those surveyed said the smart meter motivated them to take at least one step to reduce their energy usage, and therefore save energy and money.

What information can I get from the display?

Energy suppliers offer different in home displays, which means yours may look different to your neighbour’s, but all displays will provide at least this basic information:

  • Your electricity usage in pounds and pence and kWh (hourly/real time, weekly or monthly view)
  • Your gas usage in pounds and pence and kWh (hourly/real time, weekly or monthly view)
  • Your spend for the current bill period
  • A comparison of your real-time usage to the previous week, month or year

I have an energy monitor already - do I need an in home display?

Energy monitors are not the same as smart meter in home displays. An energy monitor cannot communicate with your supplier, while a smart meter sends your meter readings for you.

Depending on the energy monitor, it can only provide estimated information about your gas usage (if any at all), while the in home display can show both gas and electricity consumption figures in kWh, or pounds and pence.

Because your smart meter is linked to your supplier and plan, your spend is a completely accurate way to gauge your energy costs for the month.

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