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5 reasons to get a smart meter

5 reasons to get a smart meter

Want to know what a smart meter could do for you? We've rounded up the top five benefits of smart meters here.

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Smart meters are a relatively new type of gas and electricity meter that automatically send energy data to your supplier - and every UK household will be offered one by mid-2025.

Many suppliers are encouraging their customers to make the move to smart meters in order to modernise the nation’s energy infrastructure. In return, suppliers are offering cheap deals on their tariffs if you agree to have a smart meter installed.

So if you’re thinking about switching energy and want to find the cheapest deal, it could pay to go smart.

If you’re still unsure whether a smart meter is right for you, we’ve listed the top five benefits of smart meters below. And if you want to find out more about how smart meters work, check out our guide.

Top 5 benefits of smart meters

No more meter readings

Taking an energy meter reading is not usually an enjoyable task - scrabbling around in a dark cupboard, scribbling down strings of numbers, and then trying to get hold of your energy supplier. In some properties it’s difficult to even find your meters in the first place!

Smart meters automatically send your gas and electricity meter readings to your energy supplier, so you can take that task off your to-do list.

Say goodbye to estimated bills

Suppliers rely on meter readings to send accurate bills. But if you fall behind on sending your readings, your bill will be based on estimated usage. Inaccurate estimates can lead to you paying your supplier too much or too little (usually with a hefty bill to pay later).

With a smart meter, automatic meter readings put an end to that problem. Your bill will always be based on your actual usage, so you’re less likely to be overcharged or end up in debt to your energy supplier.

Cut your usage (and your spending)

Smart meters come with a handy in-home display, which shows how energy is being used around your home in real time. This can be a useful tool in reducing your usage and shrinking your bills. Once you can see how much power it takes to run your tumble dryer or take a long shower, you might just be tempted to cut back.

Get exclusive energy deals

Some energy suppliers like to offer exclusive energy tariffs to households with smart meters - or those who are willing to have a smart meter fitted at the start of their new energy contract. This means you could get a cheaper energy deal just by agreeing to have your gas and electricity meters upgraded.

When you compare energy deals on Uswitch, you can see if your chosen tariff requires a smart meter by clicking on ‘plan info’ on the results page.

Go smart for free

You can enjoy all these benefits without having to pay to have a smart meter installed. Energy suppliers are currently rolling out smart meters across the country, with the aim of offering one to every UK home by mid-2025.

So if you haven’t already got a smart meter, it won’t be too long until you could have your old meters replaced for free. If you’re keen to go smart sooner, contact your energy supplier.

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