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Smart meter installation

When will my smart meter be installed?

All suppliers are required to have offered their customers a smart meter for gas and electric by the end of 2020. When you'll get your meter depends on your supplier's current progress and ability to install meters in homes like yours.

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By 2020 everyone in England, Scotland and Wales will have been offered smart meters by their suppliers for gas and electricity — this is part of a significant update to Britain's energy infrastructure at the request of the government.

Select your supplier from the list to see their current status regarding the smart meter rollout:

  • British Gas

    British Gas and the smart meter rollout

    Between now and 2020 all customers will be able to claim their smart meters, including Pay As You Go (prepayment meter) customers.

    British Gas are working to ensure all their customers can benefit from smart meters now, but smart meter technology is not ready for every home just yet. That means you'll need to have either your electricity, or your gas and electricity with British Gas.

    If your home isn't ready, you can register your interest and be added to the waiting list to receive a smart meter from British Gas. Once you're on this list, you'll be kept up to date and informed of when you can get a British Gas smart meter installed.

    Visit British Gas to register my interest in a smart meter.

  • SSE

    SSE and the smart meter rollout

    SSE has been installing smart meters since 2014 as part of a phased regional rollout programme.

    SSE will contact each customer when they become eligible for a smart meter. In some instances, they won't be able to install smart meters yet. You can find out if you're able to book an appointment to get a smart meter fitted here.

  • E.ON

    E.ON and the smart meter rollout

    E.ON are currently fitting smart meters as part of a regional rollout.

    If you're particularly interested in getting a smart meter, you can register your interest with E.ON and E.ON will be in touch to let you know if you're currently eligible to be offered one. If not, E.ON can let you know what any of the next steps are.

  • EDF Energy

    EDF Energy and the smart meter rollout

    EDF Energy is currently installing smart meters on a small scale to test and refine the installation experience for their customers. It's aiming to start increasing the number of installations in the second half of this year, to meet the end of 2020 deadline.

    If you're interested in getting smart meters and EDF Energy is your current supplier, you can register your interest on their site.

  • ScottishPower

    ScottishPower and the smart meter rollout

    After installing and testing smart meters in 2015 on a small scale, ScottishPower is now installing smart meters as part of a wider rollout from 2016.

    ScottishPower customers will be notified when the supplier is scheduling installations in your area. When you receive a letter you can arrange an appointment.

  • npower

    npower and the smart meter rollout

    npower has been offering and installing meters on a small scale. Customers are likely to have their smart meters offered and installed from now until the end of 2020, as npower has started to increase the scale of its rollout since 2016.

    npower will contact you with information when you're able to get smart meters.

  • First Utility

    First Utility and the smart meter rollout

    First Utility are currently focusing on installing meters for customers whose meters have come to the end of their life span.

    However, upon request, First Utility may be able to offer you smart meters for your home. Head to their smart meter FAQs page to find out how to register your interest.

  • OVO

    OVO and the smart meter rollout

    OVO has already installed over 100,000 smart meters for its customers. However, some households aren't currently eligible for OVO to install smart meters in; for example high-rise blocks of flats may not support smart meters depending on where the current meter is.

    OVO will get in touch when you're eligible to have a smart meter installed and you can select an appointment time that suits you.

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