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ESB Energy

ESB Energy

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About ESB Energy

ESB Energy has been the main gas and electricity supplier in Ireland for more than 90 years. Since 2017, ESB Energy has been supplying homes in Britain.

The gas and electricity supplier aims to be "the most easy to deal with" energy supplier in Great Britain. The energy provider also touts its environmental responsibility; they are currently invested in 18 wind farms and nine hydroelectric stations across Britain and Ireland, with the aim to continue offering competitive energy solutions to customers.

How ESB energy prices have changed in 2020

All energy suppliers in the UK, including ESB, are subject to Ofgem's energy price cap. The cap sets the maximum rate a supplier can charge for average usage on its standard variable or default tariff.

When the energy price cap was updated in October 2020, ESB energy prices dropped on the supplier's standard variable tariff to an average of £1,011. This is below the new price cap level of £1,042.

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