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Oink Energy

Oink Energy

Oink Energy is an independent supplier with just one, simple tariff

Oink Energy joined the growing list of small suppliers in the UK in September 2014, promising to be the answer for customers looking for "dead-simple energy."

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With statements like "It costs nothing to be nice", Oink Energy tout a customer-first approach that includes genuinely helpful customer service and a bill that’s easy to understand.

How is Oink Energy different?

In a statement released for the launch of Oink Energy, the gas and electricity supplier made the following guarantees:

  • When calling the supplier, customers will speak to a real person within 30 seconds, and they will be "straight-talking"
  • There are no lenghty contracts or cancellation fees — customers are free to switch away without penalty
  • The average Oink Energy customer will pay £1,178 annually

Though Oink Energy has a lighthearted approach to the serious business of the consumer energy market, the newest supplier to the mix aims to add competition, and therefore power, to the people.

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