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Sainsbury's Energy reviews, tariffs and information

Sainsbury's Energy reviews, tariffs and information

Sainsbury's Energy is a small supplier offering gas and electricty tariffs backed with a big-six partnership and loyalty rewards.

About Sainsbury's Energy

Sainsbury's Energy offers gas and electricity tariffs from the popular UK supermarket in partnership with E.ON Next. Prior to partnering with npower, Sainsbury's Energy had been teamed up with British Gas for a number of years.

Sainsbury's Energy offers fixed price energy tariffs with the opportunity to earn extra Nectar reward points when you switch and up to triple Nectar points on Sainsbury's shopping for the duration of your energy tariff.

Sainsbury's Energy prices and tariffs

Sainsbury's Energy offers fixed rate energy tariffs for both single and dual fuel (gas and electricty supplied separately or combined).

The supplier's Fix and Reward tariffs are available in one or two-year packages, fixing the rate charged for energy for the duration of the fixed term. All Sainsbury's Energy tariffs have the benefit of online account management and a free app.

Sainsbury's energy tariffs all offer 100% renewable electricity and the chance to earn Nectar points when you switch and when you shop at Sainsbury's. Sainsbury's Energy also offer the Warm Home Discount scheme to eligible customers.

You can find out more about Sainsbury's Energy on the supplier's website.

Changes to Sainsbury's Energy prices

Just like most UK energy suppliers, Sainsbury's Energy prices are subject to Ofgem's energy price cap, which sets the maximum rate a supplier can charge for its standard variable or default tariff.

In February 2021, Ofgem announced it would be increasing the price cap rate by 9% from April 2021. In reaction to this, Sainsbury's Energy increased the cost of its Standard tariff by 9%. Customers on the Sainsbury's Standard tariff will pay an average of £96 per year more from April 2021 if they don't switch.

In October 2020, Sainsbury's Energy cut the price of its 'Fixed Default' tariff in line with a reduction in the price cap level. This consisted of a 7% price drop for customers on this tariff, equivalent to an average £84 price cut.

Sainsbury's renewable energy

All Sainsbury's Energy tariffs offer 100% renewable electricity, backed by the purchase of Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin (REGO) certificates. This guarantees that every unit of electricity you use will be replaced on the energy network by a unit of renewably sourced electricity from a source such as wind, water or solar.

Is Sainsbury's Energy going bust?

The energy market is challenging and unpredictable at the moment and there is a certain level of risk to some suppliers - find out why in our energy market Q&A guide.

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