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Tonik Energy

Tonik Energy

About Tonik

Launching in the UK in 2016, Tonik’s entrance to the energy market was focussed on offering 100% renewable electricity and 10% renewable gas to offset customers' carbon footprints.

By offering sustainable energy to its customers, Tonik helps customers offset their carbon emissions now and, through the use of new technology and storage solutions, work toward an overall cleaner energy market in the future.

Tonik Energy price changes

In February 2019, Tonik announced a 14% price rise for customers on its standard variable tariff, effective 1 April 2019. The supplier was one of many to raise prices in reaction to Ofgem's increased energy price cap.

In July 2018, Tonik announced it would raise its standard variable prices by 10.8%, effective August 2018.

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