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Good call: top perks worth up to £500 available to brits switching mobile network

  • UK mobile providers offer top perks to their customers, from Free Apple TV+, to 24 months Amazon Prime access to cinema tickets and even supermarket discounts

  • Mobile customers could save the equivalent of up to £490.94[1] by making use of these – yet almost two-thirds of Brits[2] (63%) mistakenly think no perks are available to them

  • Following 2024 mid-contract price increases of as much as £32.28 per year, many Brits will be looking to get more out of their mobile package[3]

  • O2 and Vodafone have big appeal for TV and movie fans, plus offer the equivalent of £400 free tech, available if you move fast on certain packages

  • Uswitch mobiles expert Simrat Sharma shares her tips on how to get the most from your mobile package

Mobile providers are now offering the equivalent of £490.94 in extra perks and services, according to, the comparison and switching service. While mid-contract price increases have added an estimated £32.28[3] per year onto mobile bills, customers should make sure they’re getting the most out of their plan - or consider switching to get their hands on the best add-ons and perks available.
Perk up your plan! With so many plans and perks available, Uswitch mobiles expert Simrat Sharma has picked out some of the best deals and rewards offered by networks, including free subscriptions to streaming services including Disney+[4] and Spotify[5], or even a free Samsung Galaxy tablet worth £300+[1] . Despite the hundreds of pounds of savings on offer, research shows that almost two thirds of Brits are at risk of missing out. This particularly the case for TV and film subscribers, as mobile providers offer perks covering:

  • Disney+: save £47 with 6 months free on O2 perks[4]

  • Apple TV+: save £26 with 3 months free on iD Mobile perks[6]

  • Amazon Prime: save £53 with 6 months free on O2 perks[7]

  • Spotify: save £287 with 24 months free on Vodafone perks[5]

Simrat Sharma, mobiles expert at, comments: “With top rewards from free cinema tickets to full year Amazon Prime and YouTube Premium subscriptions, there’s so much more to consider than simply the price or coverage.

“Add-on mobile incentives can really stack-up, especially if you’re already a big user of features such TV streaming, EU roaming or even in the market for some new tech.

“With O2 for instance, at the moment you can get a brand new tablet from Samsung worth almost £350, along with a great bundle of accessories. iD Mobile and Lebara also have some great roaming allowances included in their deals as standard.

“Other providers will offer you customised benefits and discounts on some everyday costs such as coffee and supermarket discounts, or even phone insurance when signing-up with Vodafone.

“Sky Mobile was also the public’s choice when it came to ‘Best Network for Perks’[11] in this year’s Uswitch Telecoms Awards thanks to some really handy everyday valued features like data rollover.

“Overall, perks can really cut your personal costs down when selected carefully, as part of your mobile package. TV streaming services and music subscriptions, for example, have all been creeping up in price, so if you’re a mobile provider that has these included as part of your package, you’ll be able to make a significant saving.

“But it’s important to remember, the saving only applies if you plan to spend on these things anyway - don’t be swayed by something that sounds like great value, but that you wouldn’t normally use.

“And if you’d prefer a no-frills package for a lower price, you could save around £321[8] per year if you keep your existing phone and switch to a SIM only deal. As a plus to their lower prices, SIM only providers such as SMARTY and Lebara come with strong data packages and EU roaming included as part of the deal”.

Chris Thomas

PR Contractor

Notes to Editor

  1. Combined value of: £53.94 (value of 6x months Amazon Prime offered by O2) + £88 worth of free accessories (Uswitch excl offer)  + £349 value of Samsung Tab S6 Lite included in deal

  2. Opinium surveyed a sample of 2,000 UK adults from 09 June 2023 - 13 June 2023. 63% answered ‘no’ when asked: ‘Do you know if you get any additional perks with your mobile provider?’

  3. £32.28: current average cost for a handset (based on Uswitch data) is £34. CPI+3.9% is £2.69 extra per month, so £32.28 per year. This is based on the providers O2, Three, Sky Mobile and Vodafone, as they consistently appeared as some of the most popular provider deals available on Uswitch, and all implement mid-contract price rises. To note: CPI is used a metric for simplicity, however it should be noted that not all the providers included in the average monthly costs increase their prices by CPI (for instance, O2 bases its increase on RPI data)

  4. O2 mobile currently offering 6 months free access to Disney+, 6* £7.99= £47.94 

  5. Vodafone currently offering 12/24 months access to Spotify included in 12 and 24 month SIM-only contracts. 24* £11.99= 287.76. Plus value of two months insurance (quoted at £6.97 per-month by GoCompare for an iPhone 15)

  6. ID Mobile is currently offering 3 months access to Apple TV+. 3* £8.99 = £26.97

  7. O2 mobile currently offering 6 months free access to Amazon Prime. 6* £8.99 = £53.94

  8. Uswitch savings calculations: Switching from an ending 24 month handset contract to a SIM-only contract (and keeping your existing handset) could save you £321 per year, or £26 per month. This calculation is based on the price of the top selling 24 month handset package in Q1 2022 (Apple iPhone 13 with 100GB data) against the against the cheapest equivalent SIM only deal on the Uswitch site as of Jan 2024 (TalkMobile 120GB data £11.95 per month). Correct as of 1st February 2024.

  9. Tesco Mobile is currently offering three months Apple TV+ access. 3* £8.99= £26.97

  10. Lebara offers all customers access to up to 30GB roaming data for EU and India. 

  11. Uswitch 2024 Telecoms awards

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