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3 unveils Skype campaign

3 unveils Skype campaign

3 has launched its cross-channel advertising campaign for its free Skype offer with a four-page advertisement in Metro.

The spot, which appears as a wraparound cover on the free newspaper, forms part of a radio, TV, online and outdoor campaign.

The launch follows 3’s announcement last month that it has waived data charges and top-up fees for contract and pay as you go 3 customers who use Skype.

This means that they can make free Skype-to-Skype calls and use instant messenger for no charge.

3 plans to follow this in the summer by allowing anyone with a Skype-compatible unlocked mobile phone and a 3G SIM, to be priced at £1.99, to use their phone to make free Skype-to-Skype calls.

A spokesperson from 3 said: “The tagline of this campaign is ‘Changing Mobile Forever’, but this isn’t just words – we’re matching our words with action, real services and packages that are changing the way people use their phones.

“Later stages will see the introduction of yet more products and tariffs that will challenge some fundamental barriers in the mobile market.”

3 launched the Skypephone S2 in August last year.

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