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Top 10 apps for Android mobile phones

Top 10 apps for Android mobile phones

This week it was announced that the Android Market application store for Android mobile phones now has over 10,000 apps for sale. To mark the news, Top10 takes a look at the ten best so far.

10 BarCode Scanner

A classic of its kind and an app with which most people will be familiar. However, in case you’ve been living under a rock, BarCode Scanner enables you to scan barcodes with your mobile and find out where you can locate a product for the cheapest price in your area. We’ve found it a boon for buying DVDS and books in particular.

9 SMS Backup

This lets you save your most cherished SMS messages and view them along with your email.

8 Quickpedia

Ignore the groan-inducing punning title, this is a brilliant app with a crisp, user friendly interface that makes navigating Wikipedia pages a boon.

7 Backgrounds

Sick of your wallpaper? Backgrounds offers a massive choice of 50,000 designs, so you’re sure to find something that appeals.

6 Guitar Hero World Tour

Still the best and goofiest music game around. And it’s even more fun for Android mobiles. Particularly if you opt for the real time multiplayer option which lets you go axe to axe with other would-be Johnny Marrs all over the UK, irrespective of their network carrier.

5 Advanced Task Manager

This is one of the most popular apps yet for Android mobile phones. It's not hard to see why. In a nutshell, it allows you to kill background processes to make operation of your handset as smooth and quick as possible.

4 Buka

Developed by Hexage, this is a terrific looking bit of software with heavy overtones of Asteroids. Requiring super sharp reactions and no little strategy, Buka has got everything you want from a mobile game.

3 Ringdroid

Ringroid lets users come up and their own ringtones, either from MP3s or through recording their own mini opuses.

2 MySpace

In the absence of an official Facebook application for the Android OS, this is the best social networking app around. Standout features include instant uploads of photos as well as the option to send and read messages and comment on profiles, photos and bulletins.

1 Spotify

Although this has quite literally just gone on sale, it’s surely the greatest music app for Android mobiles thus far. Justifiably dubbed the 'celestial jukebox', as well as letting you stream a massive catalogue of music over Wi-Fi, 2.5G or 3G , the Spotify app also lets you compile playlists and listen to them when you’re offline.

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