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Google tipped to release smartphone in 2010

Google tipped to release smartphone in 2010

Despite its mobile operating system Android faring well and taking up residence on a number of phones produced by a range of manufacturers, Google is likely to release an own-branded smartphone in the first half of next year.

News that Google is working with HTC, which has produced a number of successful Android handsets in the past, sparked the online rumour and has lead many observers to guess at the potential look, feel and functionality of the Google phone.

As with the iPhone it is assumed that Google wishes to exercise control over the content and functions that its phone will offering consumers.

While some have speculated that the device will be slimmer than the current generation of smartphones, most admit that the details are too sparse to form an accurate picture as to what is to come.

According to reports, Google has no firm network support at this time and initial sales of the phone could be on a SIM-free basis only.

This would require broad network compatibility to ensure that certain regional markets are not excluded.

Comparisons between a Google-branded phone and the Apple-controlled iPhone are inevitable, but the differences in the design and release strategies of the two corporations are significant.

There are some who would be wary of a Google phone in its first release after many of Google's products and services have been forced to endure multiple iterations and refinements before achieving widespread market acceptance.

Google will need to deliver a comprehensive hardware platform which is properly complimented by the software. Poor implementation of either could result in a wasted opportunity.

Worries about the development of Android on other handsets are equally justifiable, as a Google phone would be a direct competitor to other Android mobile phones, possibly driving currently loyal manufacturers to other platforms in the future.

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