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Acer VP outlines Android plans for 2010

Acer VP outlines Android plans for 2010

Roger Yuen, an executive at Acer, has showcased a variety of new Android-based mobile phone technology that the company will be rolling out over the first six months of 2010.

Mr Yuen said that Acer was hoping to release up to six Android smartphones if targets were met, although whether this figure factors in the Acer Liquid, which has already been officially launched in Asia, is not entirely clear.

The new Acer mobiles using the Android platform will be priced and specified in order to appeal to a wide range of people, with low and mid range handsets suitable for most consumers and more advanced phones to cater to the needs of technophiles.

Mr Yuen also announced that Acer would be using the Android platform to create at least one business-focused handset which would challenge the BlackBerry.

The release date of this handset was not revealed and it could well mean a wait until later in 2010.

As with most other manufacturers working with the Android platform, Acer has chosen to improve upon the basic functions by adding some of its own applications.

The future line-up will include Spinlets, which allows for music and video streaming to Acer mobiles, which could prove to be a big selling point if Acer can secure some big-name content providers to support the app.

Acer is still supporting the Windows Mobile platform, although less has been revealed about future Acer mobiles using Microsoft's mobile operating system.

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